Scaling Tools

A needle gun scaler, sometimes simply referred to as a needle scaler is a tool that relies on a constant compressed air supply. There are long chisel needles located at the piston's end that are forced forwards and backwards by air pressure. Needle scalers are capable of quickly chipping away and removing any debris. They can peel a certain area back to bare metal within a matter of seconds. A needle scaler forms a vital part of metal workers and mechanic's armoury, as well as that of numerous other plant workers. This article looks at their best uses.

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Mechanics use needle scalers for a number of projects around the workshop. They are used mainly for removing rust or paint from car engines or body work. A scaler looks like a cross between a tattoo gun and an over-sized pen, and is usually held using both hands for maximum benefit. Then, it is directed towards a surface with the needles and pistons being utilised by compressed air to create a motion capable of peeling paint from metals in a matter of milliseconds. A needle gun can effectively decrease the amount of time taken to strip paint from a vehicle. They are ideal for reaching into tight spaces and removing paint or rust from areas that are difficult to reach. Most vehicles are susceptible to gunk or rust build-up beneath them. Mechanics can use needle scalers to effectively clean the surface back, while removing splash marks and dried-up mud from the body's underside.

Ship Workers

Naval utilisation of needle gun scalers spreads across numerous dimensions. They do an excellent job of removing old paint and corrosion from submarines and ships. Everyone will agree that when metal comes into contact with salty water, corrosion is bound to occur. Hence, both exterior and interior features of naval vessels are always in need of maintenance procedures and repair. In ships and marines that are metal and steel-based, a needle scaler is used to de-scale surface paint in a way that bare metal can be re-treated and then painted. Other metal or iron structures such as on-land mooring wenches also benefit from needle gun scalers to repair surfaces for painting.

Bridge Work

There are thousands of iron bridges out across the world. Needle scalers are rapidly becoming the fastest method of de-scaling rust and paint from these bridges in attempts to preserve their aged frames. Some of such bridges are hundreds of years old. So as to maintain the bridge's excellent conditions, scaling tools are used to quickly remove paint and oxidation from the surface to facilitate effective repairs.

Given that time is of the essence, these bridges need to be repaired as fast as possible in order to prevent further damage from occurring on exposed bare metal. Iron bridges with historic value and interest need regular maintenance so as to prevent their structure from deteriorating. Needle gun scaler may only be applied in small areas at a time. However, they still are better than numerous other paint removal methods when it comes to hard-to-reach and detailed areas.